Many of the millions of asthma patients in the U.S. can manage their disease with the proper guidance. This course gives participants the tools they need to help patients take control of their symptoms. It shows how to support clients with asthma including conducting home visits, identifying triggers in the home, controlling the condition with medication, and performing a patient close-out review. The modules of this course follow key elements of home visits that can be tailored to the specifications of your organization.

Also available in Spanish.

Target Audience
Individuals who work with children, adults and famililes with asthma in neighborhoods, schools or health settings.

Expected Duration
3 hours

Lesson Objectives

Improving Asthma Outcomes

  • Learn how to build rapport, including first meetings, and how to assess their familiarity with the disease through a home visit structure
  • Understand the Asthma Control Test to assess how well clients and families are managing asthma
  • Identify triggers in the home environment and implement a plan to reduce them
  • Interact compassionately and empathetically with individuals who have asthma or are caring for those with asthma
  • Create referral plans for sending clients to local and national agencies and services that can handle treatment
  • Review any of the client's or patient's prescribed medications to clarify and assure proper use
  • Help clients create and execute an asthma action plan

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