Over the past few decades, scientific advances in cancer genetics and genomics have revolutionized the way cancer is diagnosed, managed and treated. This makes it imperative that health care professionals who work along the cancer continuum have a basic understanding of how cancer genes are passed through families. This course introduces genetic concepts, and genes and mutations most commonly associated with breast cancer. It will prepare your team for taking family histories providing genetic counseling related to breast cancer.

Target Audience
Individuals with basic computer literacy who work with people at risk of having breast cancer or with breast cancer.

Expected Duration
3 hours

Lesson Objectives

Breast Cancer Genetics and Genomics

  • Understand basic genetics concepts
  • List the genes related to breast cancer
  • Determine how to identify patients at risk
  • Walk a patient through documenting family history
  • Identify appropriate and inappropriate referrals for cancer genetic counseling and testing
  • Explain the terms in a genetic testing interpreting report

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