Create a Website for Your Synagogue Audience

Targeting and addressing your website audience isn't a problem for synagogues alone. Web ventures across the secular and religious world grapple with the same problem. But it's important to know who you want to attract to your site, because it will affect not only how you build it, but who might be attending services and programs. Generally speaking, synagogues can target existing members or new members. That's just scraping the surface, though. You should know:

    CrazyEgg Tells You What’s Hot

    I admit to an obsession: I must know where you've been clicking when you go to the website. And an excellent service I found today is only fueling my need.

    CrazyEgg is a tool that lets you see in different graphical formats where people are clicking on your website, or what are known as hotspots. This isn't to say the most popular pages, but where people are clicking once they arrive at a particular page.


    [This article about how politicians in the UK are using the Web appears in the February issue of N-TEN.] by Monique Cuvelier, Talance, Inc. Back when everyone was saying Al Gore "invented the Internet," no one rolled their eyes more than the Brits. Back then, the very notion of Internet-based technologies was enough to send British eyes into one-eighties, never mind the marriage of politics and social media. The idea of the Queen appearing on YouTube? Patently ridiculous.

    Good advice on asking for a new website

    Entrepreneur's Tech Forward blog has some solid advice on what kind of questions you should ask a company before you give them the green light to create a website for you. I agree completely with the advice, and this article is like an outline of the way we approach relationships with new organizations.

    A reputable web services company should: