Top 10 Talance Blog Posts from 2016

It's exciting to look forward into a new year, but it's also inspiring to look back. It was a big year for us at Talance, with new course announcements, new partners and clients, and updates to our learning management system technology. We kept you informed in the blog, but you might have missed something. We're looking back at the top 10 articles we published last year. Have a closer look at our most popular:

1. Why Teaching About Health Disparities Transforms Communities

When our instructional designer Kellie Woodson wrote passionately about what motivates her to educate others about living healthy lives, it struck a chord with our readers. She talked honestly about health disparities and how she works to help people overcome them. Read the post to see Kellie break down health education that transforms communities.

2. What You Can Learn from Susan G. Komen’s Online Patient Navigator Training Program

We took a closer look at the online patient navigation training program we helped build for Susan G. Komen in Columbus Ohio. It received 95 percent satisfaction ratings from participants and 100 percent of them found the information to be relevant. Read the post to find out more about what participants learned and the approach taken to ensure navigators have the right information needed to help patients.

3. How Stereotypes Are Bad for Your Health

This article brings to light some of the stereotypes that most of us feel too comfortable using. It invites us to think about different cultures more complexly than just what is apparent on the surface. This blog post's honest appraisal it invites may be uncomfortable for some but is necessary thought for anyone working among different cultures.

4. Many CHWs Have Burnout and Mental Health Issues

This article brings up very important issues that more employers need to address, namely the stress and burnout among community-based health workers. According to studies, they are overworked, underpaid and underappreciated at times. Causes of depression and the methods to tackle these issues make this article a must read.

5. 3 Important Areas of Training Needs Assessment

An often ignored area of beginning an online training program is conducting the proper needs assessment. This determines what participants want to learn, what trainers need to make that happen and what kind of technology is necessary. This article sums up some of the biggest takeaways so you can conduct your own.

6. Free Ebook: America’s Walking Renaissance

Walking is something that everyone can do irrespective of how fit they are, where they live or how busy they are. We showcase an excellent free ebook in an effort to spread the benefits of walking as far as possible. The book looks at various cities and their walkability giving us a unique glimpse into American cities along the way, which you can request via the blog post.

7. How to Actually Succeed at Behavior Change

Many people commonly struggle with making lasting behavioral changes. Part of the problem might be with the way we approach these challenges. This article gives some real world examples of the smart way to make behavioral changes that stay with people for their entire lives.

8. A Handy Guide To ID Training Needs

We tend to see a lack of performance as a training issue but that may be overly simplistic. This 8-minute video packs in a ton of information and an easy to follow flowchart that helps identify multiple avenues to help increase performance. No wonder this blog post made it to the top 10 from 2016!

9. Sneak Peek at Our Course Diabetes and Prediabetes

Diabetes is an epidemic around the world including the United States. It is the most dangerous lifestyle disease and affects each and every part of the body. Part of the solution is spreading information and helping people understand what they need to do to tackle diabetes. This video shows how we do it.

10. 11 Effective Training Tips to Help Your Team Learn Year-Round

Worried about squeezing in a continuous training program when your plate of already full? It is easier than it seems and less expensive than you would imagine. We highlight some easy methods by which a workforce can continue to learn and add to their skills all year without making it seem like a chore. Check out 11 top tips.

That’s it for the Talance Blog's highlights in 2016. Many thanks to those of you who read our articles and support the same issues we believe in. We're looking forward to bringing you more great articles in 2017!

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