How You Can Take the Express Track to Spanish Training

We at Talance are excited to offer full Spanish-language training, from a catalog of Spanish courses at CHWTraining to a multi-lingual tech support team to translation to a language pack on the learning management system (LMS).

What Spanish training does Talance offer?

  • Course licenses
  • Facilitation
  • Tech support
  • Translation
  • Voice over
  • Multimedia
  • LMS language pack

This makes it easy for our clients to open up their programs to an audience of Spanish speakers with their existing resources.

Learners can access Spanish-language training by clicking a link to immediately convert into Spanish. Their preferred language will be automatically set for the next time they log in.

Administrators can also bypass this step by sending learners directly to the Spanish version of the Talance LMS.

Spanish training at Talance

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