Free Download: Website Pre-Launch Checklist

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Pre-Launch Checklist

Our Website Pre-Launch Checklist will guide you as you gear up for your website's big launch day, whether you're debuting a new site or some exciting updates. The55-point list allows you to plan your big day in advance, so you can implement your launch strategy step-by-step without forgetting anything. Print out a copy and keep it next to your computer so you can track your progress. This Website Pre-Launch Checklist covers:
  • Polishing your copy so everything is consistent and clean
  • Tips for fixing the formatting so the site looks attractive
  • The most important technical quality assurance points
  • Accessibility musts for an inclusive website
  • A marketing planner so you can brag about your hard work
  • Support preparation so you're prepared for any circumstance
Get ready for launch, and request your copy now!
[Photo credit: Launch of Discovery by DLR_de]

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