30 Ideas on How Congregations Can Use Twitter

Congregations have been wild to know what Twitter can do for them, proven by the powerful turnout at two presentations I’ve given on the topic. The uses are many, but here’s a quick run-down of what I’ve found in my work with churches and synagogues, divided into clergy members (rabbis, preachers), administrators and youth group leaders. Find more tips by following Talance on Twitter, and of course, send your own. Clergy
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Conversations Are Not Quantifiable: Social Media ROI

Establishing a social media marketing plan requires heaps of work. Of course you want to know how much you’re getting out of all the hard work you’re putting into one. But the trouble with boiling down ROI on a social marketing effort is, “… you are trying to put numeric quantities around human interactions and conversations, which are not quantifiable.”

Calling Congregations Using Social Media

If you're at a congregation and are having a lazy Friday like I am, take about three minutes and fill out this survey from our good friends at the Center for Congregations in Indiana. They're doing important research into how congregations are using social media. Can't wait to see the results, especially since Talance just wrapped up a similar survey among nonprofits in Massachusetts.

It’s Not All Online

A client called the other day wondering why more people weren't using their brand spanking new synagogue website. It was a nice site, all the bells and whistles, and there wasn't a very good reason I could see that no one was using it. But it didn't take long to figure out what the problem was."Well, do the people in your congregation know about the site?" "We sent an e-mail when it launched." "Do you mention it in your monthly bulletin?" "No." "Do you have the URL on your business cards?" "No." "Do you tell people during services that they can find more information on the site?"