6 Benefits of an Efficient Training System

You have new and existing staff at your organization and want them to be trained quickly—that’s why efficiency in your training system and elearning process is so important. Ultimately, the quicker your organization can pass best practices and new information to staff, the faster they can get to work, which will have a positive impact on health outcomes of patients and clients. Uncoordinated training efforts can even put your health outreach projects at stake.

Take a look at these 6 benefits of setting up an efficient training system.

Don't Squander Your Money: 10 Essentials for All Websites

This Halloween I might dress as the economy. I can't think of any scarier. You're right to be scared too, especially if you're a nonprofit and beholden to funders, because you've got to make the case why you need a good website.

Hold on. Reality check: you aren't thinking of cutting funding for your own website, are you? That would be a grave mistake. Websites are not only the public face of your organization, but the best tool you have to information and create a community on a budget.

Conversations Are Not Quantifiable: Social Media ROI

Establishing a social media marketing plan requires heaps of work. Of course you want to know how much you’re getting out of all the hard work you’re putting into one. But the trouble with boiling down ROI on a social marketing effort is, “… you are trying to put numeric quantities around human interactions and conversations, which are not quantifiable.”