3 Online Training Features Every Non-English Speaker Wants

This seems obvious, but I'll say it anyway: not everyone who works at your organization speaks English natively. They might not even speak English at all.

It's a point that's worth noting, because we as English speakers tend to forget that. We're spoiled that so many people speak English, and it's easy to overlook the unique needs of people who weren't born sharing our language.

Add a Call to Action - Now!

Organizations are so passive when it comes to their websites, but you want to be just the opposite. When you want something, ask for it. Otherwise you’ll never get it. Opt for active urgent language. Rather than, “Our Newsletter,” change your text to “Get our newsletter now.” Minor change, major results. Here are some sample calls to action you can put on your website now. Each should be a link or a button - something that will let your visitors complete the action.
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