Say It with a Smiley

[This is the third in a series about e-mail. Read earlier posts under the category e-mail.]

Emoticons, short for "emotion icons," and also known as smileys, are punctuation combinations that can help soften an informal message. Here are some frequently used emoticons and their definitions. Use them in moderation; too many can make your messages look too doodled-on.

: )happy

: (unhappy

; )wink, jest

: Dlaughing

: Oshocked

: pgiving the raspberries, poking out tongue

>: (mad

E-mail Policy for the CC Field

[This is the second in a series about e-mail. Read earlier posts under the category e-mail.]

It seems e-mail overload is inevitable as long as people reach for the sometimes sinister "cc" field. By including everyone in your address book, or even a handful of people who you might like to include in a discussion, you can create an overwhelming influx of mail. The cc field also has political issues. Some employees will include a higher up simply to make the main recipient look bad.

Helpful Way To Clean Up HTML E-mails

Sending text-based e-mails is easy, but making them fancy with colors, background, tables or other HTML tricks is another story altogether. Not all e-mail programs will accept all HTML-generated messages.

Some of our clients sidestep some requirements by subscribing to services that do this for them by providing templates. While some of these can help you create fancy e-mails, they're not perfect. Spam catchers often restrict messages that are sent from Constant Contact, for instance.

Choose Your (Tech) Weapon

We've been invited by a client that serves synagogues to put together a series of quick-hit webinars based on common problems their constituency has with technology. We're still not sure which will be the most welcomed by the community, so I wanted to open up to you for your vote. In exchange, we'll host a presentation on the same topic for no charge. You can post your thoughts by clicking the comments link here or by contacting me directly. Which would you rather learn?
  • Put your first video on YouTube
  • Create your first podcast
  • Start your first blog

3 Antidotes to Human Stupidity

It's not a question of if it will happen, but when. For me, I lost all my data about two weeks ago when my hard drive melted down. I very nearly lost it all, and had to rebuild quite a bit of data. Thankfully, I have a network of little safety devices that cover up my natural human stupidity. Here are three friendly tools within the grasp of any small business or nonprofit, which will help avert disaster: