Cheat Your Way to a Professional-Looking Web Project

Here's a little secret many people don't know about building projects for the web. You don't have to do everything from scratch. There are so many tools out there that do the tricky stuff for you, that you really don't have to be an HTML wiz to have a polished looking website.

Here are some excellent tools to help you fake web excellence:

Table Builders

Tables are the nemesis of many well-meaning web worker. They can be tricky to build from scratch, but no need with these.

5 Ways Your Website Can Make a Great First Impression

First impressions count for everything when it comes to websites. In real life, you might have second crack at forming someone’s view of you: making a joke or warmly shaking someone’s hand. But online, when the average viewer’s attention is being pulled in a million different directions, you have to hit them exactly right to make sure they keep coming back. Working with clients over the years, we've uncovered five simple tips that will help you present a great first impression so you can convert a website visitor into a fan.

1. Make your pages consistent.

Tests and Tools for Color Blindness

It's a good probability that at least one in 20 people can't see everything on your website. That's because a higher number of people than you probably expected are color blind in some way. Some statistics I've seen say that as many as 18 percent of people have some kind of visual limitation.

Around 90 percent of the people I tell this fact to are shocked - the rest know it because they're used to not seeing everything on a website. But what if they're missing something terribly important, like a news alert or a call for contributions or all your website navigation?

Help for picking tricky color combos

At first glance, you may think kuler from Adobe Labs is little more than online paint chips. But imagine paint chips in dazzling combinations that have been rated for effectiveness and beauty by a network of people. It's an excellent tool for choosing colors for web and print projects, and an interesting community to become involved in.