Calling Congregations Using Social Media

If you're at a congregation and are having a lazy Friday like I am, take about three minutes and fill out this survey from our good friends at the Center for Congregations in Indiana. They're doing important research into how congregations are using social media. Can't wait to see the results, especially since Talance just wrapped up a similar survey among nonprofits in Massachusetts.

The Book or Byte?

I just submitted my article to The Jewish Daily Forward on how Jewish nonprofits are faring with Web 2.0 technology. The short answer: they've got some catching up to do. An interesting idea came up during my research. I was asking Rabbi Hayim Herring from STAR (Synagogues: Transformation and Renewal) if he had thoughts about why Jewish philanthropies are slow to jump on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, especially when some Christian organizations are maybe better thought of as Church 2.0.