Health care workers need to be able to identify their patients’ social cues and understand how to help keep them motivated. Recognizing helpful social cues and motivating factors will aid health care workers in helping patients develop a motivational maintenance plan. This interactive workshop teaches participants how to identify common social cues and motivational factors and how to use them to help patients manage chronic conditions.

Target Audience
Providing Social Support is designed for health professionals who want to learn effective tips for motivating patients/patients and developing a motivational maintenance plan.

Type of Course
Online self-guided course

Expected Duration
3 hours

Lesson Objectives

Providing Social Support

  • Define social cues and social support and describe how they relate to managing chronic conditions.
  • Give examples of common social cues.
  • Provide examples of common problem social cues.
  • Provide examples of strategies to deal with problem social cues.
  • Identify helpful social cues.
  • Recognize common motivating factors among patients.
  • Name eight ways to stay motivated.
  • Help patients develop a motivational maintenance plan.