• 07 Jun, 2016
  • Government, Learning Platform

Project Description

The best way to deal with preventable diseases is to stop them before they begin. This is what the Maine Primary Care Association and Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program started out to do with a patient navigation elearning program. The organization asked Talance to bring their audience together for education. Work included learning strategy, building an learning management system, customizing curriculum for the audience, and providing training for learners from across the state.

The Maine Primary Care Association partnered with the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program in 2011 to stop preventable diseases before they begin. Through their Patient Navigation Program, funded by the CDC, they launched a blended training program to educate health workers, who help at-risk patients catch serious health problems, such as cancer and heart disease, through early detection.

  • 07 Jun, 2016
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Project Description

The patient navigator online training program at Ohio’s Susan G. Komen Columbus improves the quality of care for women receiving abnormal screening results with 100 percent satisfaction for participants. The organization’s ultimate goal is to reduce the number of women who fail to follow-up on treatment and improve outcomes. Read more about this project from Talance, Inc.

Susan G. Komen Online Training Program for Patient Navigators

Timing is everything when it comes to breast cancer. Early screening and detection can save a life. Dealing with a diagnosis requires knowing what to expect and when. Daily duties mean keeping up with appointments and following a treatment schedule. All of it requires being on top of the disease in order to improve the chances of overcoming it.

  • 08 Jan, 2016
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Project Description

The Office of Healthy Communities at the Washington State Department of Health has recruited Talance, Inc., to create learner-focused efforts to establish a state-wide presence in a short time frame. The outcomes include nurturing incredibly strong relationships with participants and partners. Read how they train up to 500 workers a year (PDF; 222KB).

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