Hands-on consulting from seasoned experts in online training. 100% original or customizable courses to suit your needs.

We understand that training projects come in all shapes and sizes, and what works for one organization might not work for another. Talance’s consulting includes a customized strategy to help meet your goals and requirements, whether you’re just getting started or need help putting the finishing touches on an existing project. Our learning experts are committed to working closely with you to develop a plan that’s practical, organized and ready for launch.

Consulting Project Examples

Converting Classroom Training to Online
Educating people no matter where they are is driving factor in many elearning programs. Talance can help plot out a successful path when converting an in-person training program to an online one. Your consultant will help you identify key skills to teach via computer, and then transform your curriculum for online delivery.

Finalizing Partial Project
Having the subject-matter expertise for a course and knowing how to put it into a format ready for online learning are two separate things. Talance can complete projects that may have all the right information, but need the instructional design to appeal to online learners. This encompasses a wide variety of tasks, ranging from creating assessments and activities to translating material into different languages.

Custom Curriculum Development
If you’re looking for a top-to-tail curriculum creation project, we can help. Our instructional design team will work with your in-house team to create a strategy new curriculum, whether it’s one module or a multi-month program with blended learning elements. Our team can meet your requirements for accreditation or regulation standards.

How Does Talance Consulting Work?

All consulting projects begin with a kickoff call so we can perform a project needs assessment so we know exactly what you need. From there, your Talance training team will work with you to create an actionable plan that segues our proven elearning process. Learn more about the elearning process .

How can I get in touch with someone about Talance consulting?

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