Helping people quit smoking or using other tobacco products means understanding what motivates them and what resources are available to help them stop. This course introduces and demonstrates the basics of tobacco use as well as counseling techniques that your team can use to support individuals in different stages of cessation. They come away with the knowledge and resources that ensure the people they work with have the best possible chance of tobacco cessation through support and referrals.

Target Audience
Health professionals with basic computer literacy.

Type of Course
Online self-guided course

Expected Duration
3 hours

Lesson Objectives

Supporting Tobacco Cessation

  • Understand the basics of tobacco addiction and usage
  • Be familiar with the health and financial implications of tobacco use
  • Identify populations at higher risk from the effects of tobacco
  • Identify common barriers to tobacco cessation
  • Become familiar with evidence-based tobacco cessation strategies
  • Develop skills for supporting and empowering individuals in the process of quitting tobacco

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