5 Fast and Free Heat Stress Resources

Last week I was getting ready to go out of town and trying to do as much as possible before I left: taking out the trash, running errands, doing last-minute shopping.

The trouble is, it was 102°F, and I was ignoring the hot weather.

The afternoon wore on and I finished the last of my water. I felt light-headed and like someone was pressing a thumbtack into the top of my head. Still, I ignored it. It wasn’t until I reached for a doorknob and missed it by about four inches that it occurred to me I probably had heat exhaustion and had better get home.

Why Teaching About Health Disparities Transforms Communities (Guest Post)

As an instructional designer, I use my expertise in teaching and learning to create learning experiences on a wide variety of health topics. Whether I’m developing a course on breast cancer genetics  or oral health, a significant part of the process is partnering with experts in the field to develop courses that are informative, engaging and effective.  Since many of these courses are written for frontline health workers, they must also motivate participants to make positive changes in their communities.

How to Actually Succeed at Behavior Change

Here’s a harsh bit of reality for you: there is no magical method to making healthy lifestyle changes. Fad diets and exercise crazes might make it seem like there is, but they’re wrong. Sad news for the members of your community who want to change thier behavior.

The truth is that the secret to meeting overall health recommendations, from quitting smoking to getting more exercise, is to put one foot in front of the other--and keep doing it. Changing the way you live is simply hard. It just is.

Popular Healthy Community Courses Now Available in Spanish

Release Date: Aug. 1, 2016

Learners can learn about diabetes, health literacy and health insurance in Spanish or English

WOBURN—Talance, Inc., today expanded the reach of its popular courses in health education and promotion. Now, three of the most popular courses are available in Spanish as well as English: Health Literacy: A Start, Navigating Health Insurance and Diabetes and Prediabetes.