3 Online Training Features Every Non-English Speaker Wants

This seems obvious, but I'll say it anyway: not everyone who works at your organization speaks English natively. They might not even speak English at all.

It's a point that's worth noting, because we as English speakers tend to forget that. We're spoiled that so many people speak English, and it's easy to overlook the unique needs of people who weren't born sharing our language.

Introducing Family Planning and Wellness–Better Health for Everyone

Proper access to family planning guarantees healthier communities. Unintended pregnancies are linked to a host of negative health outcomes. Mothers are more susceptible to depression and have a higher risk of physical violence. Babies are more likely to be under weight and have birth defects. The inability to plan for and space births means that all family members can suffer, particularly if they're among a young or marginalized population.

Top 10 Talance Blog Posts from 2016

It's exciting to look forward into a new year, but it's also inspiring to look back. It was a big year for us at Talance, with new course announcements, new partners and clients, and updates to our learning management system technology. We kept you informed in the blog, but you might have missed something. We're looking back at the top 10 articles we published last year. Have a closer look at our most popular:

Four Ways To Be More Productive Teaching Your Next Online Course

Everyone is amped up at the beginning of an online course, and you probably feel like this is going to be the time when you're the most organized. But as soon as the class begins and work starts flowing in, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

These four tips are what help us at Talance keep courses moving smoothly and make each subsequent class even easier.

Asthma and Cold Weather: Best Tips Download

Are you looking for free high-quality materials to help your clients get a handle on their asthma in cooler weather?

Dropping temperatures can be a challenge for people with asthma. Colder weather can trigger attacks for some, and long hours spent inside can also affect some people.

In this free tip sheet download, we've collected five actionable tips that can help your clients can be prepared for fall and winter. It has simple reminders anyone can follow to make winter easier.