Introducing Family Planning and Wellness–Better Health for Everyone

Proper access to family planning guarantees healthier communities. Unintended pregnancies are linked to a host of negative health outcomes. Mothers are more susceptible to depression and have a higher risk of physical violence. Babies are more likely to be under weight and have birth defects. The inability to plan for and space births means that all family members can suffer, particularly if they're among a young or marginalized population.

This is a huge problem, because 82 percent of pregnancies to mothers ages 15 to 19 are unintended, according to

Today, Talance is unveiling its course meant to improve health in communities with Family Planning and Wellness.

For many organizations, the topic expertise, learning infrastructure and other resources required to deliver training on family planning is too significant to fold into in-house initiatives. We think the World Health Organization's vision about family planning is about right: the right to sexual and reproductive health for every man and woman and to preserve that right, especially among adolescents, underserved or marginalized populations.

That's why we created Family Planning and Wellness. We deliver reliable facts and resources for family planning, including why it's important, common methods of contraception, barriers to family planning and strategies for addressing them, and a basic foundation in counseling skills. With Family Planning and Wellness, we're opening up knowledge and access to health educators around the U.S.

We are so excited to unveil Family Planning and Wellness after many months of hard work, collaboration and research. As we continue to build our course catalog to focus on healthy living topics, we're committed to understanding the needs of organizations who want to improve the health of women, men and children in their communities.

Explore the course, and reach out if you think this is the right program for your team.

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