Reader Question: How Do I Add a Facebook Page to My Page’s Favorites?

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One feature of a Facebook Page for organizations is a Favorites Pages block. This lets you bookmark other Pages that you like or somehow related to yours. It’s a great tool for cross-promoting and partnerships.

Facebook Favorites

Facebook is long on features but short on usability, so figuring out how to use this feature isn’t perfectly clear. But here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Facebook Page that you want to add to your Favorites.
  2. Look at the logo on the upper-left-hand side of the page, and directly below it locate the link that says “Add to My Page’s Favorites.”
  3. Click that, and it puts it in your Favorites box. Click it again to remove it from your Page’s Favorites.

Add to Favorites

If you administer more than one Page, you can choose which one to add it to.

Practice now by adding Talance’s Facebook Page to your Favorites.

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5 Responses to “Reader Question: How Do I Add a Facebook Page to My Page’s Favorites?”

  1. Delores Bridgett Says:

    Before I created a Fan Page for a specific organization, I could save a Page as a Favorite. After I created a Fan Page (this is not my own Fan Page, it is one for an organization), now when I click on Add to My Page Favorites, it wants to put the page in the Fan Page of the organization. Do I now have to create my own Fan Page in order to save to My Favorite Pages? Where did it get saved before I created the Fan Page?

  2. Kim Retzlaff Says:

    I have created a Fan page and am trying to add the link “add to my favorites page” for my fans to use. I can’t seem to find the option to do this. Please help.

  3. Becky B Says:

    I’m trying to add to my page’s favorites (which I’ve done in the past). But when I go to the Facebook page that I want to add to my Favorites, I look directly under the logo at the upper left-hand side and there is no link that says “Add to my page’s favorites” as I think there used to be in the old format. I can’t find a way to do this anywhere! Any help you can give would be appreciated!

    My page is:

  4. Talance Says:

    Weird. Maybe Facebook changed something. I’m not able to reproduce the problem, but you can try to look at the Facebook forums on how to work with Pages:!/help/?page=175

    Let us know when it’s resolved!

  5. Talance Says:

    I think there’s a difference between becoming a fan and adding to favorites. You might try Facebook help to see if you can figure this out.!/help/?ref=pf

    Let us know what you discover!